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Billionaire Jeff Bezos and Crew Soar to the Edge of Space on Historic 1st Human Flight aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard Spacecraft

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – Billionaire Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, achieved his lifelong dream Tuesday morning July 20 when he soared to the edge of space on the history making 1st human flight aboard his company’s New Shepard suborbital commercial rocket and capsule built by Blue Origin – the rocket company he founded and financed

Richard Branson Soars to Edge of Space on ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ on Virgin Galactic Spaceplane Opening New Commercial Era

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL –  British Billionaire Richard Branson soared to the edge of  space on a memorable history making day Sunday morning, July 11, experiencing the ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ and fulfilling a lifelong dream aboard his own private air-launched and rocket powered Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spaceplane that was designed and developed by the rocket