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NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Captures 3D Surveillance Imagery on 10th Successful Flight

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – It’s time to whip out your stereo glasses because NASA’s groundbreaking Ingenuity Helicopter captured its first ever 3D aerial view of Mars while flying above the Red Planet’s surface– and accomplished that during its most complex flight to date on July 24 during its 10th flight overall while functioning as an active aerial

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Notches 8th Successful Flight with Touchdown at New Airfield After Software Upgrade

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – NASA’s groundbreaking Ingenuity Helicopter notched its 8th successful test flight on the Red Planet this week traveling for more than a minute and achieving a soft touchdown at another new ‘airfield’ – the fifth – after being upgraded with new flight software utilized for the 1st time now on its 3rd operational

Ingenuity Mars Chopper Completes Challenging 4th Test Flight and Assumes Operational Support Role

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL –  NASA’s Ingenuity chopper completed its extremely challenging 4th test flight on Friday, April 30, by again flying faster and farther than ever before – far surpassing all prelaunch objectives during testing on Earth while making history as humanity’s first aircraft to fly beyond Earth. And because of that and the fact that

Ginny and Percy Together! Perseverance Snaps Spectacular 1st Selfie with Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars Ahead of Historic Flight: Mosaic

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – Ginny and Percy together on Mars in 1st joint Selfie! NASA’s Perseverance rover has just snapped her first ever selfie on Mars this week on April 6, or Sol 46 – as well as its also being the first joint selfie with the experimental Ingenuity Mars helicopter on the Red Planet – –

NASA Perseverance Rover Completes 1st Test Drive on Mars Terrain

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – NASA’s Perseverance rover performed its first test drive drive on Martian terrain on March 4, or Sol 14, the mission team announced with the release of a batch of dramatic new images captured at the landing site now bearing the name “Octavia E. Butler Landing” where the six wheeled robot touched down safely

Perseverance Rover Snaps 1st Mastcam-Z 360-Degree Hi-Def Pano of Dazzling Mars Landing Site

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL –  Three Sols, or Martian Days, after surviving the ‘7 minutes of Terror’ and accomplishing a safe touchdown NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover snapped her first high-definition 360-degree panorama around her Mars landing site and new home at Jezero Crater on Feb. 21, using the rover’s Mastcam-Z instrument. NASA released the Mastcam-Z panorama on Feb.