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Spectacular SpaceX Sunset Launch of Italian Radar Satellite to Polar Orbit Plus Falcon 9 Landing after Cruise Ship Scrub: Photos

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL SPACE FORCE STATION, FL – Under picture perfect sunset skies SpaceX staged a spectacular Falcon 9 rocket launch carrying the Italy’s COSMO-SkyMed radar remote sensing satellite (CSG-2) mission to polar orbit for the Italian Space Agency (ASI) on the fifth try Monday evening, Jan. 31, following a trio of weather scrubs and a fourth due

SpaceX Retargets Italian Earth Observing Satellite Launch to Jan. 28 after Weather Scrub: Watch Live/Photos

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM UPDATE: Launch has scrubbed 2 more times due to poor weather and is currently targeting  Sun Jan 30 at 611 PM. CAPE CANAVERAL SPACE FORCE STATION, FL – SpaceX is retargeting launch of its 4th Falcon 9 rocket of this month to Friday evening, January 28, just past sunset carrying the COSMO-SkyMed radar remote sensing satellite

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches NASA’s DART Starting 1st Test Mission to Defend Earth from Incoming Asteroids

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – A SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully launched NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft overnight Wednesday, Nov. 24, starting the world’s first full-scale mission to defend Earth by testing technology to smash into a potentially hazardous incoming asteroid on a collision course with our Home Planet and threatening humanity’s future –  by firing

NASA’s DART Probe Ready for Launch on First Planetary Defense Test Mission: Watch Live

For SpaceUpClose.com & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL –  Hearkening back to a Hollywood like thriller NASA is on the cusp of launching DART – the agency’s first ever Planetary Defense mission purposefully directed towards a near Earth binary asteroid system with a kinetic impactor to determine if its trajectory can be altered and deflected and thereby simulate saving  Earth and