NASA ESA Crew-4 Astronauts Depart ISS in SpaceX Dragon and Return to Earth with Ocean Splashdown: Photos

For & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL/KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – The Crew-4 multinational team of astronauts from the US and Italy concluded their nearly six-month science expedition aboard the International Space Station (ISS) by floating into their SpaceX Crew Dragon Freedom spacecraft Friday morning, Oct. 14, undocking for final departure and return to Earth and culminating with a successful splashdown

SpaceX Launches European Hotbird 13F TV Broadecast Satellite: Photos

For & RocketSTEM TITUSVILLE, FL – Finally at the very end of a nearly two-hour-long window, SpaceX successfully launched a commercial European TV broadcasting satellite on a recycled Falcon 9 booster just past midnight Saturday morning, Oct. 15, after the liftoff was delayed due to a need to verify technical parameters with the booster. Originally SpaceX was targeting liftoff

Stunning SpaceX Sunset and Moonrise launch Delivers Dual Intelsat TV Telecomsats to Orbit on 3rd Try: Photos

For & RocketSTEM SPACE VIEW PARK, TITUSVILLE, FL – At last the third time was the charm for SpaceX for a stunning sunset and moonrise launch of a fleet leading Falcon 9 booster that delivered dual TV telecomsats for Intelsat to a geosynchronous transfer orbit Saturday evening. Oct. 8 from Florida’s Spaceport after a pair of technical scrubs the

Crew-5 Astronaut-Cosmonaut Team Arrives Aboard Commercial Crew Dragon at International Space Station

For & RocketSTEM KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – After a 29-hour orbital chase through space the multinational NASA Crew-5 quartet of astronaut and cosmonaut spaceflyers rendezvoused and docked with the International Space Station (ISS) Thursday afternoon, Oct. 6 arriving aboard their SpaceX commercial Crew Dragon spacecraft. following a picture-perfect blastoff at 12 Noon, Wednesday, Oct. 5 from NASA’s Kennedy

Space Coast Launch Triad Starts with ULA Atlas V Lofting SES TV Commercial Comsat Duo: Photos

For & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL SPACE FORCE STATION, FL –  An exciting and rare back to back to back launch triad from the Space Coast started with the liftoff of the venerable United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket carrying a payload duo of commercial TV telecommunications broadcast satellites for North American customers for global satellite operator SES. Liftoff

US-Russian-Japanese Crew Blastoff from Florida to Space Station on NASA SpaceX Crew-5 Science Mission: Photos

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL –  The multinational NASA Crew-5 quartet of spaceflyers blasted off beautifully at 12 Noon, Wednesday, Oct. 5 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida on a history making science mission bound for the International Space Station (ISS) that for the first time comprises a mixed crew of NASA and Japanese astronauts as well as the

Artemis 1 Moved to VAB Protective Hangar at Kennedy due to Hurricane Ian: Photos

For & RocketSTEM KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – In the face of the impending devastating threat from monster Hurricane Ian approaching the Florida peninsula including the Space Coast NASA technicians successfully moved the Artemis 1 Moon rocket back to inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) protective hangar Tuesday morning, Sept. 27, after starting the 4-mile trip from atop launch