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ULA Completes Wet Dress Rehearsal of Atlas V Rocket for NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Launch: Photos

For & RocketSTEM PLAYALINDA BEACH, FL – The joint United Launch Alliance and NASA launch team completed the critical launch countdown Wet Dress Rehearsal or WDR demonstration test Monday afternoon – thereby achieving a major milestone towards liftoff of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover a month from now on the firms venerable Atlas V rocket. It was a beautiful sunny

OCISLY Droneship Departs Port Canaveral under Beautiful Twilight Skies for Next SpaceX Starlink launch

For & RocketSTEM PORT CANAVERAL, FL – Prelaunch preparations have begun for the next SpaceX Starlink mission marked by the departure of the “Of Course I Still Love You” (OCISLY) droneship under spectacular twilight sunset skies Friday, June 19. OCISLY was towed away from her berthing spot at North Cargo Pier 6 by tug Finn Falgout at approximately 7:15

Kathy Lueders Selected to Lead All of NASA’s Human Spaceflight Efforts

For & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has announced the selection of Kathy Lueders, Manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, to be the chief of all of NASA’s Human Space Flight programs as the agency’s next associate administrator of the Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Mission Directorate – even as the first crew of NASA

3x Recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 Returns to Port Canaveral From SpaceX Starlink SkySat Launch: Photos

For & RocketSTEM PORT CANAVERAL, FL – The thrice launched and landed SpaceX Falcon 9 booster from last week’s SpaceX Starlink SkySat launch returned to Port Canaveral and the Space Coast on a beautiful Tuesday morning welcomed by Florida sunshine, bicyclists, birds, boaters, joggers, swimmers, fisherman and space enthusiasts standing proudly atop the “Of Course I Still Love You”

Powerful Solid Rocket Booster Segments for NASA SLS Artemis 1 Moon Mission Arrive at Kennedy Space Center: Photos

  For & RocketSTEM KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Marking a big step forward towards launch all ten of the powerful solid rocket booster (SRB) segments for NASA’s inaugural SLS rocket liftoff on the Artemis 1 Moon mission arrived by train Monday afternoon at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida – thereby completing a 10 day cross country rail

Both Recovered Recycled Payload Fairings Return to Port Canaveral Sunday From SpaceX Starlink SkySat Launch: Photos

For & RocketSTEM PORT CANAVERAL, FL – SpaceX crews managed to recover both of the recycled payload fairing halves from ocean waters and returned them to Port Canaveral Sunday afternoon aboard the two fairing recovery ships outfitted with giant nets akin to a ‘catchers mitt’ – from yesterday’s spectacular predawn launch of the 9th Starlink mission also carrying a

Recycled SpaceX Falcon 9 Streaks Spectacularly to Orbit Predawn with Starlink comsats and Planet SkySats: Photos

For & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL SPACE FORCE STATION, FL – A recycled SpaceX Falcon 9 streaked to orbit in the predawn hour this Saturday morning and put on a spectacular sky show over the Florida Space Coast and successfully deliver its mixed payload of the next batch of of Starlink broadband internet satellites flying along with Planets’ SkySat Earth-imaging

UpClose with SpaceX Starlink Poised for Liftoff with 1st Rideshare for Planet SkySats: Watch Live/Photos

For & RocketSTEM CAPE CANAVERAL SPACE FORCE STATION, FL – SpaceX is poised for the firms third launch in two weeks from the Florida Space Coast early Saturday with the next big batch of Starlink broadband internet satellites flying along with their inaugural mission in SpaceX’s SmallSat Rideshare Program – and the weather looks promising on the eve of

In Reusability Milestone 1st 5X Launched/Landed SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster Goes Horizontal and Treks Back to Cape all Legs Retracted: Photos

For & RocketSTEM PORT CANAVERAL, FL – In a major milestone towards rocket reusability the first ever 5 times launched and landed SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage was lowered horizontal today onto a wheeled transporter, clamped down and trekked back the lengthy road to the Cape from Port Canaveral – with all landing legs retracted – for what is